Ghana, the land of my birth
07.04.2009 13:40

From families

That grew into clans

Clans that grew into tribes

Tribes that grew into a people with a shared identity

Was a nation born


A nation that has its coasts lined

With precious sands of gold

A nation that has its lands

Endowed with the grace of a productive mother

And the beauty of the green natural heritage

A nation rich in many languages

And unique cultures so different

Yet bound with cords of unity

A nation that extends its love and warmth

To strangers far and near

And cherishes its unending fountains of hospitality


This is my country, the land of my birth

The place that welcomed my entry into the world

And has nursed the souls

Of many a man and a woman so great

Who served their generation


This is my country

Ghana, the land of my birth

And I am proud to be a Ghanaian

                                      -Kwadwo Omari

                                           March 2009.