School project
Saturday, 01 November 2008 12:25

Sota Basic School started a new school year in their brand new school building in autumn 2008. Kinder garten and primary school children have their classrooms in the new building. Junior Secondary classes work in the older one. In classrooms there were desks for children, a teacher's desk, one big cupboard and a blackboard on the front wall. More cupboards and shelves would be badly needed!!! Last October we took some English books for the school library, but there was one problem - there were no shelves in the library where to keep the books. Nearly all kinds of books from encyclopedias and English dictionaries to children's storybooks are most welcome gifts to Sota Basic School.


Girls playing during the break

Ghanaians love football. It could be seen during breaks, immediately boys had a match going on. Their dream was to have football jerseys for their teams and more balls. Girls were skipping, jumping and playing  games of their own. Among other things skipping ropes were given to the school.

Sota Basic School is a state school, so teaching is free, there are no school fees. However pens and pencils, note books and excercise books have to be bought by parents not to mention school uniforms and shoes. No lunch is served at school, children bring something to eat from home.

There is no electricity at school yet nor in the village in general.

During this school year there are 180 enthusiastic children and ten good, experienced teachers working at Sota school.


Head teacher in one of the classrooms