Water Project
Wednesday, 10 September 2008 20:26
The name of Sota means a meeting point of two rivers, but in Sota there are no rivers, there is no water, not even a well. Water has to be fetched on foot from another village, four kms away. Among many requests, water was regarded as the most important one, both by the villagers and by the Association.

The first idea was to have a bore hole in the middle of the villge. For that reason we contacted the local authorities in Dodowa, Dangme-West district immediately after our visit to Ghana in April, 2008. However we were informed that unfortunately a bore hole was out of question in that area due to the salty ground water. So a decision was made to get pipe water to Sota.

Several other small communities in the surrounding area also wanted to join in the project and to get pipe water to their villages. So finally after many negotiations with numerous stakeholders the project is now going on. We hope everything to be finished by the end of August, 2009.

During our visit in October 2008 there was already the official opening ceremony of the water project at Sota.

In June 2009 we'll go there again to see how the things are proceeding.