Sota village

Most of the assistance given by our Association goes to a small village, called Sota in southern Ghana, only about 70 kms from Accra, the capital of Ghana. It was officially chosen for Joensuu-Ghana Association by the Social Welfare Department of Dangme-West Area.

The main project at the moment is to get good drinking water to Sota. There are about 750 people living at Sota. They do not have a well nor electricity in the village.

The Association has also two godchildren, whose studies and school we are financially supporting.

Onko sinulla hyväkuntoisia lastenvaatteita ja kenkiä?
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 12:07
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Keräämme hyväkuntoisia lastenvaatteita ja - kenkiä Sotan kylän lapsille. Moni lapsi ei pääse kouluun, koska hänellä ei ole kunnollisia kenkiä! Teiniäidit tarvitsevat myös vauvanvaatteita ja kestovaipppoja!

School project
Saturday, 01 November 2008 12:25

Sota Basic School started a new school year in their brand new school building in autumn 2008. Kinder garten and primary school children have their classrooms in the new building. Junior Secondary classes work in the older one. In classrooms there were desks for children, a teacher's desk, one big cupboard and a blackboard on the front wall. More cupboards and shelves would be badly needed!!! Last October we took some English books for the school library, but there was one problem - there were no shelves in the library where to keep the books. Nearly all kinds of books from encyclopedias and English dictionaries to children's storybooks are most welcome gifts to Sota Basic School.


Girls playing during the break

Water Project
Wednesday, 10 September 2008 20:26
The name of Sota means a meeting point of two rivers, but in Sota there are no rivers, there is no water, not even a well. Water has to be fetched on foot from another village, four kms away. Among many requests, water was regarded as the most important one, both by the villagers and by the Association.