Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema
Monday, 24 November 2008 08:05

Tema, the home town of the Trinity Lutheran Church, is a big city, the population is well over 200 000. It is an important industrial city, aluminum, refined petroleum, chemicals, and building materials are produced there. Tema harbour is the busiest in Ghana and most of the country's chief export, cacao, is shipped from Tema. Tema is a good place to set up business/industries of any choice, the working conditions are very conducive.


The Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema is situated in community two. The number of registered members is around two hundred. Due to its small size all the members are very active and everybody has a special role in the parish life. There are meetings every evening at the church.



Handing a present from Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema to the Evangelical Lutheran Parish of Joensuu


The mission statement of the Trinity Lutheran Church is living in the fruit of the Spirit towards church growth. "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires." Galatians 5:22-24


The choir of the Trinity Lutheran Church is excellent. Most of them are young adults, 20-30 years old.

When they worship God with their songs and hymns, they are full of joy! Everybody goes to church on Sunday, beautifully dressed. The whole congregation is like one big family, even a foreigner feels at home there, so warmly he is welcomed. The service is longer than in Finland, offering is collected twice and tithes in addition to that.



Time for offering and tithes


In Ghana Evangelical Lutheran Church is a minority church. The whole country belongs to one diocese, the Bishop's head office is in Accra. Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema is led by a seven-member church

council and five church elders. There are two pastors in the congregation.



Women's group meets at the church on Tuesday evening


In addition to Women Fellowship there is Men Fellowship. They see to the welfare of the men in the church and develop the members physically and spiritually through retreats and workshops as their social ministry. On the 23rd of May the Men Fellowship is organizing Blood donation programme to support Korle-bu teaching hospital's blood bank. There is an aim that about 100 people would donate free blood to support those who need it as the church social service to humanity.


The youth are the majority in the church. They have Youth ministry, in which they study the Bible and pray for themselves and for the church.


In Sunday school children meet every Sunday to study the word of God.


Missions: The Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema has resolved to go into full time mission by training the youth and the lay leaders for mission. During the first year quarter in 2009 there was a successful outreach mission in Sota community. A preaching post was established in Sota and the church has a plan to open a literacy class for the church members and the community so that they can read the Bible and learn to write. The church planned to train a lay leader for the Sota Lutheran Church. Currently Rev Alexander Avor travels to Sota every two weeks to teach the Lutheran Doctrine/Luther Small Catechism for those preparing for baptism.


One problem in mission in the rural areas outside Tema is logistics. The church is planning to raise fund in November 2009 to purchase a van for effective evangelism and mission outreach. A van is needed! If you have a van or a small bus you do not necessarily need, you have now a good opportunity to give it to the Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema to be used for the work of God.


Our Ghanaian sisters' and brothers' faith and trust in Almighty God can be seen in normal everyday life as love and charity, joy, peace and prayers. So let us all pray with them, for them and for the whole world!


History: The Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema was established in 1962 by an American-German Lutheran missionary called Rev James Gritke who came to mission Tema during the start of Valco Aluminum Company Limited Ghana. They were able to raise fund for the purchase of land for the site of the church.

In 1967 a chapel was built for the Trinity Lutheran Church-Tema and also the wall around the enquired land to protect the land for the future projects.


1967-1970 the missionaries who established the church in the harbour city were able to evangelize the indigenous Ghanaians around Tema community two to join the church. The Lutheran doctrine and the Luther small catechism was taught for confirmation candidates. The Trinity Lutheran Church was the first church to be established in Tema community two. Many pastors and prominent personalities testified that Trinity was their Sunday school church which prepared them to be whom they are today.


The present head pastor, Rev Gordon Gyampo-Kumi is the third Ghanaian pastor of the Trinity Lutheran Church. He took over the mission as the Resident Pastor of the church in 2002- . At the moment he is doing further studies in the USA.


In September 2007- Rev Alexander Avor was posted to the Trinity Lutheran Church as an Associate pastor to take up the mission of the church in Tema Lutheran Area. Rev Avor with his mission minded strategies outlined his vision plan in mission to evangelize the rural areas in Tema to capture new grounds for Christ.


School: In 2007 Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana started building a Lutheran school complex in Tema Metropolitan to serve the social needs of the community for quality education and teaching of the Lutheran doctrine in the school. We hope after finishing the school complex in August-September 2009 for the school to start their study it would also help the Trinity Lutheran Church for its evangelism drive.


Visits: The Trinity Lutheran church is expecting to welcome their friends from Joensuu, Finland, on the 4th-7th June to fellowship with them in the church, that day we would receive greetings from Finnish churches as a goodwill message by the Women's group from Finland.


In August 2009 Rev Avor has been invited for a three-week visit to Finlnd.


In September-October, 2009 men's group from Joensuu will visit Ghana.