Friendship congregation
On October 8th, 2008, the Evangelical Lutheran Parish of Joensuu made, on the initiative of our Association, a decision to have a friendship congregation in Tema, Ghana. The name of the congregation is Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema. Joensuu-Ghana Association acts as a friendship team between these two churches.

Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema
Monday, 24 November 2008 08:05

Tema, the home town of the Trinity Lutheran Church, is a big city, the population is well over 200 000. It is an important industrial city, aluminum, refined petroleum, chemicals, and building materials are produced there. Tema harbour is the busiest in Ghana and most of the country's chief export, cacao, is shipped from Tema. Tema is a good place to set up business/industries of any choice, the working conditions are very conducive.


The Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema is situated in community two. The number of registered members is around two hundred. Due to its small size all the members are very active and everybody has a special role in the parish life. There are meetings every evening at the church.