Joensuu-Ghana Registered Association was founded in March, 2008.

Total membership 49.

Love for Ghana, its beautiful nature and its friendly people, developed during our numerous visits to the country. Ghana is a country of contrasts. Modern, high technology can be found there, on the other hand there are still a lot of villages without water and electricity. One of the aims of Joensuu-Ghana Association is to contribute to the welfare of needy people in the countryside and thus strengthen their faith in better future.

The Association aims at enhancing the friendship, collaboration, cultural exchange and development cooperation between Ghana and Finland. We also try to increase the knowledge of Finnish people about Ghana and the knowledge of Ghanaians about Finland. Furthermore the Association may arrange study groups and organize development cooperation projects such as environmental projects, visits of experts, computer projects, teacher - and student exchanges and god child projects for instance.

Joensuu-Ghana Association has a small god village called Sota in southern Ghana, about 70 kms from Accra.

The Evangelical Lutheran Parish of Joensuu has a friendship congregation - Trinity Lutheran Church of Tema - in Ghana. Our Association acts as a cooperating team between these two congregations together with the secretary of the international work of Joensuu Parish.

The fee for joining Joensuu-Ghana Association is 10e and the annual membership fee is 20e.

If you want to join our Association, please send us a message through the contact info page and we'll be in contact with you.